Business Lawyers

Excellence in doing the RIGHT thing

Who we are

We are proud to affirm that, at present, our legal practice is among the very few law firms in Iasi dedicated to business law, with the purpose of offering integrated services, intended to cover all the legal areas connected to entrepreneurship.

We are a team of 5 lawyers, managed by Irina Raihel-Arnautu and Bogdan Raihel-Arnautu. 

What we do

Our vision is that the court trial is only the last resort solution, as prevention and mediation are often the best ways to ensure success for the client.

But when litigations are required, we usually win in the court of law, mainly due to the fact that, while assisting the client on a daily basis, we always bear in mind the possibility of going to trial, even if we do our best to avoid it.

Commercial Law and Contracts

Our most important projects are connected to international trade

Public Procurement

One of the areas where our expertise in public tenders is a plus

Tax Law

The area of our activity directly connected to the heart of the business

Transport Law

Our results have sculpted the national rules of public transportation

Labor Law

We assist our clients with drafting all sorts of HR documents


Generally connected to all our consultancy areas of expertise

How we do it

Our main goal has always been to become a fundamental pillar in the activity of our clients. More than once, the clients who contacted us for an one-stop issue, later became our long-distance partners, discovering the qualities they were looking for in a consultant: loyalty, experience, a proactive attitude, promptness and speed in reaction, all of these being mandatory requirements in the decision-making process.

We are deeply committed to permanent knowledge improvement, in every area of our expertise. But also we understand the power of the team, therefore we have long term collaborations with tax experts, public procurement experts, IP consultants, translators, evaluation experts.

We are thus able to cover all the areas of interest for our clients, by allocating all the material and human resources necessary for a fast and efficient reaction.